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発行日:2020/04/16 執筆者:荒木基晃(グラントソントン・インディア)

インド・愛知デスク ニュースレター(2020年度第1号)



インド・愛知デスク ニュースレター(2020年度第1号)





│ ◆◇ 2020年度の愛知デスクの体制について◇◆



なお、インド側では、インド・デリーに本拠地を持つ現地法律事務所「KNM & Partners, Law Offices」(KNM&P)にインドにおける窓口業務や相談対応に関する業務を再委託しております。今年は、Sidhant Ajmera(シダント・アジュメラ)弁護士に担当をしていただきます。
また、インド側協力者として、太陽有限責任監査法人からグラントソントン・インディアに出向してジャパンデスクを担当されている会計士(US CPA)の荒木基晃氏に、会計税務関連の相談対応をお願いしております。



│ ◆◇ インド・レポート ◇◆









Dear Sir/ Madam,

In furtherance to the trail email, it may be noted that as per the Revised Guidelines, certain additional activities are proposed to be allowed in a phased manner with effect from April 20, 2020. The
States/UTs/District Administration have obligated to first make all preparatory arrangements with regard to social distancing, before permitting the additional activities in strict compliance to the R
evised Guidelines and the already existing guidelines issued by the MHA.

The activities permitted under the Revised Guidelines do not apply to containment zones/hotspots demarcated by the States/UTs/District Administration and the States/UTs/District Administration shall t
ake strict steps to ensure that no unwanted activity/movement happens in the containment zones.

In this respect, inter alia, the following establishments have been permitted to operate, subject to compliance of Revised Guidelines and such other Guidelines, as may be laid down by the State Govern
ment –

       Industries operating in rural areas i.e. outside limits of municipal corporations and municipalities;

       Manufacturing and other industrial establishments with access control in SEZs and EOUs, industrial estates and industrial townships. The establishments shall make arrangements for stay of workers wi
thin the premises as far as possible and/or adjacent buildings for implementation of the standard operating protocol enclosed with the Revised Guidelines. The transportation of workers to workplace to
be arranged by the employers in dedicated transport by ensuring social distancing;

       Manufacturing units of packaging materials;

The Revised Guidelines stress that all permitted industrial and commercial establishments, workplaces, offices etc. shall put in place arrangements for implementation of SOP, before starting their fun
ctioning. The SOP is provided in Annexure II of the Revised Guidelines.

We would also like to highlight that the State Government may lay down stricter guidelines for ensuring effective implementation of the MHA Guidelines. Accordingly, all permitted activities shall be p
ermitted, only subject to such additional guidelines/restrictions/norms, as may be laid down by the respective State Government.


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