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Matsuda & Partners is a one-stop shop, offering a variety of legal services that cover business related practice including corporate law, employment and labor matters, intellectual property, real estate, and international transactions, as well as various bankruptcy and litigation cases. Our firm also handles patent and trademark applications and provides real estate and corporate registration services.
In addition to general corporate law matters and litigation cases, Matsuda & Partners provides advice to prevent legal disputes, and also deals with corporate rehabilitation cases and M&A deals which require advanced legal knowledge and expertise.

General Corporate

Matsuda & Partners provides its corporate clients with practical legal consulting services necessary for strategic management, as well as legal advisory services on daily transactional and contractual matters. We provide legal services tailored to meet the precise requirements of our clients with our up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations including civil code, commercial and corporate law (including Companies Act), employment and labor law, personal data protection law, securities law (including Financial Instruments and Exchange Act) and trust law. Our services also include preparation and handling of applications for various registrations.


Matsuda & Partners handles a broad range of litigation cases that may arise in our clients・business activities. This includes lawsuits related to commercial transactions, employment and labor conflicts, real estate disputes, and intellectual property related disputes.

Intellectual Property

Matsuda & Partners is joined by members holding double licenses as law attorneys (bengoshi) and patent attorneys (benrishi), having extensive experience in intellectual property litigations. Taking full advantage of their advanced knowledge and experience on intellectual property, we provide comprehensive support and assistance in all matters, from applications for registering intellectual property rights (including patents and trademarks) in order to protect and strengthen clients・rights, to the effective exercise of clients・rights to streamline clients・operation and financial performance to the fullest extent covered by such clients・rights. We also support and assist clients in their acquisition/registration and exercise of intellectual property rights outside Japan - not only in the U.S. and European countries but also in emerging countries, such as China, India and Brazil, when our clients intend to expand their business in these countries.

Labor & Employment Law

With an aim to prevent labor disputes, Matsuda & Partners offers legal advisory services related to HR matters including drafting of working rules and other relevant internal rules. We also offer practical solutions to solve labor disputes including cases where a litigation or labor tribunal is commenced by an employee challenging dismissal or non-renewal of employment contract, or alleging unfair work order or sexual or power harassment. We also provide support to our clients when a labor negotiation is requested by a labor union, or when investigations are conducted by the competent labor authorities. Further, in alliance with licensed experts such as labor and social security attorneys, we offer total consulting services to establish a suitable working environment of our clients.


With the current social situation and upgraded legal system of bankruptcy, multi-disciplinary professional services for corporate revitalization has taken on a greater importance, increaseng the need for legal professionals having practical know-how and expertise. Our team members are involved on a daily basis in every aspect of bankruptcy proceedings, including corporate reorganization, civil rehabilitation, special liquidation, insolvency, and voluntary liquidation.

Corporate Revitalization, M&A

In case a corporate client faces any difficulty in continuing its business, Matsuda & Partners supports corporate revitalization (including reorganization and rehabilitation) in a timely manner by proposing a reorganization plan, offering support in negotiation and coordination with the client痴 business partners, creditors, financial institutions and competent authorities. At the same time, we provide proactive legal support to our clients who consider mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to expand or revitalize their business, including proposal of deal structure, due diligence, drafting, and negotiation with counterparties.

Cross-Border Transactions

Matsuda & Partners provides a wide range of legal services on all kinds of transactions between Japanese companies and overseas companies, including contract reviews and advice on M&A deals, by fully utilizing our attorneys having rich experience on cross-border transactions and our overseas network and bases.

Matsuda & Partners has widespread overseas network and bases, such as in India, Asia, U.S. and Brazil. In addition, we provide a wide range of support necessary for companies to expand their business overseas, including assistance in establishing local subsidiaries or offices and in the negotiation with local partners.

India & Asia Practice

Among our cross-border practice, Matsuda & Partners particularly focuses on assisting companies expanding their business in India. We second law attorneys in India and have established a strong relationship with the relevant local government agencies and law firms, providing various supports and advice to our clients.

Furthermore, we have established overseas network and bases in Asia including China (Shanghai), Taiwan (Taipei), Thailand and Myanmar and are providing services to our clients as needed.

Real Estate

Matsuda & Partners provides legal support broadly on matters related to real estate transactions and management. This covers not only the drafting and legal review of contracts regarding sale and purchase, lease or development of real estate, but also various advice related to administrative laws and regulations such as City Planning Act and Building Standards Act and advice related to the environmental risk including soil contamination and asbestos issues.




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